Some of our clients include:

Winning Techniques Summer Camp v1.0

Winning Techniques Incorporated decided to seperate its operations, as such a rebranding occured which meant splitting up its different companies onto seperate websites. With the help of Dreams Becoming Reality Winning Techniques Incorporated set out to create a new image for itself.

Read Consulting Services used Winning Techniques new logo and Program Identifiers created by Dreams Becoming Reality as inspiration for the design and layout of the new website.

With the addition of a "The Fireside Chat" and custom CMS the new website enables it's owners to update their content on a timely basis.

The complex registration system allows families to register multiple campers for multiple weeks online in one easy session. Important information is retained so that subsequent family registrations require less data entry every year.

Currently under development are: Facebook integration of "The Fireside Chat", automated newsletter mailing system and many further upgrades.

Project SSSHH Incorporated v3.0

Project SSSHH Incorporated has updated its website once again, this time to match its clean new logo.

Utilizing a custom CMS, Project SSSHH Incorporated's owners are able to update the site's content as they see fit.

Currently under development is an online store.

Michael Galbraith - Director of Photography

This website was designed for Michael Galbraith, Director of Photography. The design was created using creative ideas from both Michael Glabraith and Read Consulting Services.

Read Consulting Services also edited all of the video clips and re-cut the DP Reel for this website.

A complete CMS backend is planned for this website, which will be created in a way that will allow Read Consulting Services to re-skin the website backend and re-sell the site to other members of the film industry.

IATSE Local 58

IATSE Local 58 was Read Consulting Services first website client, over the years the content had changed but the layout stayed the same.

Last year Read Consulting Services undertook a full graphical and functional overhaul, with an emphasis on Members' area development.

Although the public content was updated, a majority of the exciting features were added to the Members' area, with a focus on usefulness and user interaction. Features such as automated Newsletter delivery, Membership Information updates, upcoming work call lists and current news items were all added to the site.

This site is currently under development and has many features planned for the future.

Meetz' Small Engines

This project involved the development of a completely new website including content, layout and graphic design.

The existing company logo was taken from its original form as a black and white photocopy of a hand drawing and was re-created in its new digital form.

A custom Content Management System (CMS) was created to allow the site's owners to update page content as needed.

The custom CMS also allows the site's owners to add specials or sale items via its easy to use HTML based forms.

WINTEK Productions

As part of Winning Techniques Incorporated's move to give its divisions their own separate identities WINTEK Productions needed a new home.

Building on the new logo created by Dreams Becoming Reality Read Consulting Services came up with a punch new layout for WINTEK Productions.

This site is just a placeholder and will eventually be developed into a full featured e-commerce website.

Project: SSSHH Incorporated v2.0 - ARCHIVED

Project: SSSHH Incorporated's website clearly informs its viewers as to what Project: SSSHH Inc is all about.  A custom CMS allows the site's owners to update their contact information, resumes and projects worked on from anywhere that they can connect to the Web.

An online store is currently undergoing testing and should be released to the public by the end of May 2006.

Winning Techniques Incorporated v2.0 - ARCHIVED

Winning Techniques Incorporated has greatly expanded their company focus since we created their first website in 2002.  As a company, Winning Techniques is now divided into three separate and distinct divisions. They required one website that could effectively display information about all three divisions while clearly allowing users to know where they were within the site.

A tabbed layout was created that uses varying graphics and four different colour combinations to allow users to easily identify what facet of the website they are in at all times.

As the site's owners are somewhat familiar with coding in HTML the site was setup using PHP's include function, which allows the site's owners to edit simple HTML files which are automatically placed within the sites PHP coded pages.  This allows the users to make changes to the sites content as they see fit.

GMS Insurance Incorporated - ARCHIVED

The redesign of the GMS Insurance website brought us a new customer.  The existing navigation system and layout was no longer able to efficiently deliver the amount of new information that they were developing.

A new CSS based layout was implemented, which includes an up to date navigation system, allowing the visitors to access the site's content quickly and easily.

A custom Content Management System was created to allow the site's owners to change portions of the site's content at their discretion.

Winning Techniques Incorporated v1.0 - ARCHIVED

Winning Techniques first website was developed in 2001.  It was created to keep their customers informed about the many facets of their company.

Due to company growth this site was completely redesigned in 2006.

The Medico-Legal Society of Toronto - ARCHIVED

The MLST website was originally created in 2002 as a static website to recruit new members as well as to deliver information to its current members.
Over the years this website has evolved by gaining some dynamic elements that are edited via a custom CMS.  Events are added through the CMS system and are automatically displayed on the home page until the event's date passes at which time they are moved to the Past Event's archive.

A Members' Only zone was created and all of its content is edited through the CMS.  The Members' Only area includes a searchable database of all existing members allowing  other members to find a specialist within a certain field if one is required for a project.

This project has been Archived.

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